Ericksen asks DNR to delay closure of Slide Mountain bike trails

Senator Doug EricksenSen. Doug Ericksen, R-Ferndale, today sent a letter to Commissioner of Public Lands Peter Goldmark asking him to suspend the Department of Natural Resources’ plan to decommission the mountain-bike trail system on Slide Mountain at the North Fork Nooksack River. The work is set to begin Monday.

The trail system, which is user-built, is not an authorized recreational area and one member of the off-road vehicle community has insisted that if motorized-vehicle user groups are denied access, all access should be denied.

Ericksen said “I have asked for time to review all documents related to the environmental and management problems perceived by DNR; communications with county officials, mountain-bike organizations, neighbors to the area and other interested parties; and any complaints regarding mountain-bike activities in the area.

“I am very concerned about this proposed closure. I believe strongly that public lands should be as open and available as possible for public recreational activities.

“There are no authorized recreational areas on DNR land in Whatcom County. The user-built mountain-bike trail system is a reflection of the need for such recreational opportunities.”