Inslee poised to create blackouts, crash economy, drive up energy costs, Ericksen says – bills await governor’s signature today

  • Bills aim to promote electric cars – but there isn’t enough juice to power them
  • Cap-and-tax, high-cost fuel standards measures will dramatically increase fuel costs
  • Program requires increase in misery for people of state
  • Will reduce Washington competitiveness, job creation

Low-carbon fuel standards, cap and trade measures will send fuel prices skyrocketing to help promote electric cars – yet Sen. Doug Ericksen, R-Ferndale, released the following statement Monday in advance of afternoon bill-signing ceremonies on legislation enacting cap and trade (SB 5126) and low-carbon fuel standards (HB 1091). The legislation contains provisions that would delay implementation until lawmakers return to Olympia and pass a transportation package that contains an additional gas tax. Total impact of all new taxes could quickly rise to $1 or more a gallon.

“At a time when supplies of electricity already are tight, and utilities are warning of brownouts and blackouts due to the premature closure of coal plants, this legislation will exponentially increase the demand for electricity. The whole idea behind this legislation is to make fuel so expensive that it will promote purchases of electric cars by those who can afford them. It’s bad enough that the person who drives an F-150 will have to pay for the person who wants to buy a Tesla. But a bigger problem is that the governor has forgotten that electric cars need to be plugged in.

“This legislation won’t do anything to affect world climate, but it will have a crippling effect on our economy, driving up the cost of food and everything else transported by truck. Money that business might have used to expand and create new jobs will instead be swallowed by Olympia. Struggling families will have to choose between putting food on the table and putting gas in the tank. Success of the governor’s program depends on creating misery for the people of the state – really an Olympia first.

“But the worst part is this. This legislation is designed to increase the cost of gas and make our cars too expensive to drive. Yet if it works as intended, we won’t have enough electricity to power all the electric cars the governor would like us to buy. You have to wonder about Inslee’s master plan. Does he expect us to install rooftop solar panels and charge our cars at night, when the sun isn’t shining?

“We can forget about competitiveness. We’ll be more worried about whether the lights will come on when we flip the switch. You can be sure, China is laughing at us right now.”