Inslee’s inaugural address echoes my energy, budget goals

In his inagural address, I was glad to hear Governor Inslee hit on the same energy-policy goals I’ve been promoting: pursuing low-cost energy, create energy-sector jobs and encouraging new technology. That’s exactly what we’ll be focusing on in my Energy, Environment and Telecommunications Committee, and I’m pleased the governor will be a partner in those efforts.

A major theme of the governor’s speech had to do with the importance of concentrating on results in state government, rather than the amount of money put into a program. I was heartened to hear that, as it mirrors what I’ve repeatedly saying publicly and in statements: we must focus on the cost and quality of the services state government provides, rather than the method by which those services are provided.

As with all legislation, the challenge is filling in the blanks. I look forward to working with the governor and my legislative colleagues to create a long-term energy policy that keeps costs low and creates jobs.