Bill I introduced to clarify tax status of non-profit fairs approved unanimously by Senate

A measure I proposed to clarify the tax status of the Northwest Washington Fair in Lynden, and other non-profit fairs around the state, was approved unanimously by the state Senate today.

Whatcom County is blessed to be one of the leading agricultural areas in our state and across the country. It’s important we protect our unique heritage, and taking steps to preserve our community fair is one simple way to do that.

The state Department of Revenue recently announced a decision to tax non-profit fairs on activities conducted on their grounds that aren’t directly related to the fair. Senate Bill 5078 clarifies that non-profit community fairs, like county-run fairs, are exempt from taxation.

The Northwest Washington Fair is a great experience for families in our area, and those that visit from elsewhere. It’s an honor to be able to help ensure that future generations can enjoy the event.

SB 5078 now moves to the House of Representatives for further consideration.