My bill to encourage energy conservation, low-cost power clears Senate

Sen. Doug Ericksen, R-42A measure I proposed to encourage energy conservation by utilities is headed to the House of Representatives after passing the Senate with strong bipartisan support today.

State law allows utilities to meet a portion of their requirements for renewable energy through conservation. The conservation must be achieved in two-year target periods. Senate Bill 5438 allows energy conserved above the required threshold for two-year target period to count towards a portion of subsequent target periods. The added flexibility would prevent the occasional disincentive for conservation that exists in current law.

I’m a relentless supporter of low-cost energy, and the cheapest energy is energy that doesn’t have to be produced in the first place. This bill is about making sure we’re doing everything we can to encourage conservation by our state’s utilities.

Giving utilities more flexibility and stability in how the conservation is counted will help them keep rates low for consumers. Low-cost power means more money in families’ bank accounts and more jobs being created around the state.