Sen. Ericksen: ‘Inslee’s tax-increase proposal is just plain wrong’

Following the governor’s announcement today that he is proposing new taxes totaling $1.4 billion in the next two years, including tax increases on businesses, oil refineries, beer and bottled-water drinkers and out-of-state shoppers,  Sen. Doug Ericksen, GOP-Ferndale, released this statement:

“If you are going to promise not to raise taxes to get the job, you better have a plan to get the job done without raising taxes. Just six months ago, Candidate Inslee was promising the people of Washington state that he would not raise taxes. Today Governor Inslee is proposing massive tax increases that will put people out of work and move our economy in the wrong direction.

“You cannot restore trust in government by saying one thing as the candidate and doing the opposite once elected.”

Below is a list of the tax increases the governor proposed today with the burden they would place on Washington consumers and businesses in the 2013-15 budget cycle.

The “Dirty Dozen” tax increases:

  1. Tax increase on recycled fuel environmental programs at Washington’s oil refineries – $40.8 million
  2. Tax increase on new car purchases – $94 million
  3. Tax increase on bottled water –  $51 million
  4. Business and occupation tax increase on most state businesses – $94 million
  5. Making temporary taxes set to expire on state service-industry businesses permanent – $534 million
  6. Tax increase on prescription drugs – $29 million
  7. Tax increase on computer software – $78 million
  8. Tax increase on telephone services – $83 million
  9. Tax increase on import commerce – $24 million
  10. Making temporary taxes set to expire on beer permanent, and extending the tax to the state’s small microbreweries (which were originally exempt) – $127 million
  11. Extending state sales tax to non-residents of Washington state – $63 million
  12. Tax increase on farm vehicles – $5 million