Senate budget plan keeps promise not to raise taxes

Today the Senate released its 2013-15 operating budget plan. The proposal would make meaningful investments in Washington’s environment and education system without raising taxes.

This budget plan keeps the promise made by the Senate’s bipartisan coalition to make investments in our state’s education system while living within our means. The proposal reflects that fact that there’s simply no need – or public appetite – for tax increases at a time the state is collecting more in tax receipts than any time in history.

The Senate budget plan would increase spending for basic education and higher education by around 11 percent each. It also assumes the passage of legislation I proposed to reform the state’s toxic clean-up program to focus on renewing hazardous sites.

By prioritizing environmental cleanups, we’ll actually be completing projects rather than just talking about them as has been the case in recent years. By creating short-term construction jobs and renewing toxic sites with long-term economic potential, this will be the most significant job-related legislation considered in Olympia this year.