Senate Democrats introduce bills to raise taxes

Sen. Doug Ericksen, R-Ferndale, said today’s move by several Democrat senators to raise taxes does not ring true.

“We have $4 billion more in tax revenue and a budget plan that spends $2 billion more than the current biennium and still that is not enough,” Ericksen said. “They want to raise taxes on mortgages when thousands of people are already losing their homes and at the same time offer bills to give tax breaks to zoos, the movie industry, and amateur sports.

“This whole end-run around the Initiative 1053 law doesn’t pass the straight-face test. The people repealed taxes on soda pop and candy last November, and the Democrats think they will approve a tax increase on mortgages.”

Ericksen said it is interesting to note that Speaker Pro Tempore Jim Moeller, D- Vancouver, said in a news release after the House passed his party’s operating-budget plan that it was the “inflexibility” of House Republicans that hindered his party’s ability to raise taxes.

“I for one am proud to be among those who oppose tax increases no matter what they are called. The ‘spin’ makes no difference. The bills presented in the Democrat news conference today are tax increases, period.”