Supreme Court’s two-thirds tax threshold ruling presents opportunity to let voters ‘cement their will in the constitution’

This morning I released the following statement regarding a ruling from the state’s Supreme Court that the two-thirds tax approval threshold, approved by Washington voters five times, is unconstitutional:

“The people of Washington state have expressed their desire for a higher bar for tax hikes many times, most recently in overwhelming fashion last November. We should give voters the opportunity to cement their will in the constitution. Having the Legislature approve a constitutional amendment, which would go to voters as a referendum, is the only way to decide this issue once and for all.

In many years, the two-thirds threshold is the only thing standing between the Legislature and taxes our citizens do not want and our state doesn’t need. The fact is, there are more tax dollars coming into the state now than at any time in history. New taxes are unnecessary and would only serve to slow economic growth.

The Supreme Court’s ruling doesn’t change anything for me. My focus and the focus of the bipartisan coalition in the Senate will remain squarely on balancing the budget without new taxes.”